Wide Open 8, Best of Show Gold,
(Juror: Cara Manes),
   Brooklyn Waterfront Artists
   Coalition (2017)
Grand Prix de la Découverte, Juror
   Award of Merit in Still Life (2013)


Portfolio Showcase - Objects,
Davis Orton Gallery,
Hudson, NY (2019)

   Walker Fine Art,
   Denver, CO (2018)
Introductions 2016,
 (Jurors: Abby Chen, Clea
  Massiani,Renny Pritikin), 
  San Francisco, CA (2016)
Keepsakes of Strangers, Viewpoint
  Photographic Art Center,
  Sacramento, CA (2016)


The Still Life,
(Juror: Kimberley Witham)
  Southeast Center for Photography,
  Greenville,SC (2018)
Wide Open 8,
(Juror: Cara Manes)  BWAC
  Gallery, Brooklyn,NY (2017)
The Curated Fridge-
  Spring Show
,(Juror: Jessica
  Roscio), Somerville, MA (2017)
Day Dreamers, (Jurors: 
  O.N. Bleicher and D. Gorman),
  BG Gallery,
  Santa Monica, CA (2017)
Mystery and Enigma,
  Kreft Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI (2017)
Wide Open 7,
(Juror: Beth Saunders) BWAC Gallery,
  Brooklyn,NY (2016)
PHOTOcentric 2015, (Juror: Julie
  Saul),Garrison Art Center,
  Garrison, NY (2015)
2015 Members Show (Juror: Katherine
  Ware), CPAC, Denver, CO (2015)
Still Life, (Juror: Jennie Lennick),
  Root Division,
  San Francisco, CA (2015)
The Photo Review 30th
  International Photography
,(Juror: Jennifer
  Blessing), online and print (2014)
Treasure, (Juror: Roy Flukinger),
  A Smith Gallery,
  Johnson City,TX (2014)
Contempo, (Juror: Elayne Mordes), 
   Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum,
   Tequesta, FL (2014)
Magical Events, The Seligmann
   Center,Sugar Loaf, NY (2014)
Reflections,(Juror: Leigh Gleason),
   San Luis Obispo Museum of Art,
   San Luis Obispo, CA (2014)
2014 Juried Art Show,
   (Jurors: Carin Adams and Caitlin
   Haskell),Piedmont Center for the
   Arts, Piedmont, CA (2014)
HOME, (Juror: Richard Turner), 
   Orange County Center for
   Contemporary Art, 
   Santa Ana, CA  (2014) 
Photospiva National Competition,
   (Juror: Dornith Doherty), 
   George A. Spiva Center
   for the Arts,oplin, MO (2014)
PhotoBOMB, (Jurors: Lee Deigaard
   and AnnieLaurie Erickson), 
   The Front, New Orleans,
   LA (2013)
Photospiva National Competition,
   (Juror: Natasha Egan), 
   George A. Spiva Center
   for the Arts, Joplin, MO (2013)
LENS 2013, (Juror: Karen Irvine),
   Perspective Gallery, 
   Evanston, IL  (2013)
Of Memory Bone and Myth IV,
   (Juror:Olivia Parker),
   Rourke Museum of Art,
   Moorhead, MN (2013)
Small Wonders,
   (Juror: Laura Amussen),
   Maryland Federation of Art,
   Annapolis, MD  (2012)    
N.E.W., (Juror: Seth Thompson), V
   Visual Art Exchange, 
   Raleigh, NC (2012)
Botanicals, (Jurors: Irene Imfeld and
   Henry Bowles), PHOTO, 
   Oakland, CA (2012)
TPS 21-Texas Photographic Society
   International Competition
Juror: Aline Smithson),
   traveling exhibit, TX (2012-2013)
WaterWorks (Juror: Ed Carey),
   Arc Studios,
   San Francisco, CA(2012)
Statewide Photography Competition
(Juror: Brian Taylor),
   Triton Museum of Art,
   Santa Clara, CA (2012)
Winter (Juror: Jean Caslin),
   Honorable Mention,  
   A Smith Gallery,
   Johnson City, TX (2012)
Photo⊕Craft (Juror: Blue Mitchell,
   LightBox Photographic Gallery,
   Astoria, Oregon (2011)
Artfully Reclaimed
Juror: Jack Fischer),
  Marin Museum of
  Contemporary Art,
  Novato, CA (2011)
Fusion in the Visual Arts,
   (Juror: Aaron Timlin),
   Kreft Center for the Arts,
   Ann Arbor, MI (2011)
In The Mix, (Juror: Tim Liddy),
   Foundry Art Centre, 
   St.Charles, MO (2011)
Art Photo Index
  Invited member (2015)
  Editors' Pick--Fine Art (4/2014)
The Photo Review,
  Competition issue (2014)
Lintroller, (7/17/2014)
The HAND Magazine,
  Issue #5 (7/2014)
People's Photography, (7/2013)
The Daily Photograph, Duncan
  Miller Gallery, Online
  (7/11/2013, 9/15/2015)
La Fototeca, (6/2013)
Sill Point Arts Quarterly,
  Online (2012)
Plates to Pixels Gallery,
  Online (2011)
F-stop Magazine, vol. 39,
  Online (2010)
F-stop Magazine, vol. 38,
  Online (2009)


Still Life with Found Objects,
  Harvey Milk
  Photography Center,
  San Francisco, CA (2015)